Safely on the roof with Zoltan
Safely on the roof with Zoltan

With our equipment options, you’ll be safely out and about on your construction sites – ergonomic work procedure guaranteed! Zoltan Miszori from Zimmerei Gollubits in Eisenstadt tells us what safety and longevity mean to him in his work.

With our equipment options, you’ll be safely out and about on your construction sites – ergonomic work procedure guaranteed! Zoltan Miszori from Zimmerei Gollubits in Eisenstadt tells us what safety and longevity mean to him in his work.

LogicLine for roofers
Safely on the roof with Zoltan
Safely on the roof with Zoltan

Flatbed structures for the roofing trade

The chips have been flying at family-run Holzbau und Zimmerei Gollubits in Burgenland for 70 years. It was the grandfather of the present owner Franz Gollubits who laid the foundations for this in 1953. A keen sense for current customer and environmental needs made constant growth possible. Today, Gollubits has 45 employees and serves construction sites within a radius of 130 kilometres from its location in Eisenstadt with a fleet of 10 flatbed vehicles.

A passion for building in wood

“A passion for building in wood” is far more than just a slogan for the Gollubits company. Zoltan Miszori, part of the team as a carpenter for nine years, and his colleagues live out their fascination for the profession: “Working with wood is simply great. Something visible is quickly created. Progress and achievements are clearly identifiable. As carpenters, we’re always out in the fresh air as well.” Zoltan Miszori’s hard work has paid off over the years: as “team leader”, he now heads up small units on the construction site.

Ladung auf PowerRack PR-350 sichern
Lock of LogicLine transport box is opened

Safety & sustainability for today and tomorrow

Sustainability takes top priority in the company’s philosophy with regard to wood as an ecological construction material, the precise working method for ensuring a long-lasting product, and the loyalty of the employees. In his daily work, Zoltan Miszori cannot use damaged or worn tools that have not been stored properly. Neither does he want to waste his precious time hunting around for equipment.

“Even if the working day lasts a little longer, safety always comes first,” says Zoltan. Here, he’s talking not only about adequate protective equipment for his team, but also about the safe storage of tools.

Goodbye to the home-made wooden box

Around seven years ago, the first transport box from LogicLine took its place on a Gollubits flatbed: “Before that, we used home-made wooden boxes with sliding doors to stow tools and work materials. But these weren’t lockable.” The result: pneumatic nail guns, cordless screwdrivers, expensive case tools and more would suddenly disappear. Franz Gollubits wanted to avoid this happening again as far as possible and gradually equipped all flatbed vehicles with RoadBox and/or ToolBox units. Everything is locked away safely and protected from light-fingered thieves. 

Recommended by team Gollubits

Packet wird in Werkzeugbox ToolBox TB-200 verstaut
Werkzeug wird in Auszugslade der RoadBox platziert
The answer to whether the RoadBox or ToolBox is the better solution depends on the need. The RoadBox in the versions RB-125 and RB-150 is a real spatial miracle and creates space for large items of equipment and tool kits. The ToolBox is preferred when it comes to stowing small items within easy reach at working height.

Discover the RoadBox

Discover the ToolBox

Werkzeug wird in Auszugslade platziert

Transport solution from LogicLine? Of course.

As Franz Gollubits is a reliable partner to his customers, so are the products of LogicLine to Gollubits the company: “When we buy a new flatbed vehicle for our fleet, it has become a matter of course to equip it right away with transport solutions from LogicLine,” explains assistant Cornelia Hahnekamp, who is responsible for fleet management. 

The sales representative of LogicLine now knows what we need in our industry and in the company. He pays a brief visit to note the dimensions of the flatbed loading area and a couple of weeks later the structure is ready.
Franz Gollubits
Franz Gollubits

Recommended by team Gollubits

Langgut auf PowerRack befestigen
Ladungssicherungsgurt wird gefestigt

PowerRack PR-350

Carpentry and roofing are trades that need to be able to transport long items safely. The solid steel structure of the PowerRack and associated front boom are ideally suited to this.

Discover PowerRack.

Ladungssicherungsgurt wird festgezogen

Everything has its place

The RoadBox and ToolBox have really proven their worth at Gollubits, not only for safe transport. Zoltan Miszori and his colleagues also like the large storage space in which “everything finally has its place”. You can easily access things without having to climb onto the loading area. If storage space in the boxes is insufficient, the space beneath the loading area is used with Underslung Toolboxes. Both the UB-80 and the UB-100 can be found on the vehicles, depending on the need. In addition to a multi-purpose saw, Zoltan Miszori and his colleagues mostly store safety harnesses or load securing nets in them. 

Talking of load securing nets: to fully utilise the space on the flatbed loading area, glass wool and wood waste are securely transported on them with our nets.

Ladungssicherungsnetz wird in Unterflurbox verstaut
UnterflurBox UB-100 wird verschlossen

Every move has to be perfect for results that inspire.

Only when everything is properly stowed do employees begin the journey to the construction site. They undertake quite different projects, from timber single-family houses, roof and roof truss projects, halls and grandstands, facades, terraces, mobile homes, public buildings or allotment sheds through to special objects. Zoltan Miszori’s team is currently entrusted with one such special object: at a local theme park, a new slide attraction is to be built for the coming season. The be all and end all – as on all projects – is safety. “You have to collaborate well and really understand how everyone works, including yourself,” says Zoltan Miszori. Products from LogicLine are an important link in this seamless chain.

Upon arrival at the construction site, they take another quick look at the plans, then it’s down with the dropside, up with the aluminium roller-shutter door and off they go.

Secure nail in wood
Use of a grinding machine
Zwei Personen auf Baustelle
Basic wood structure

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