LogicLine load carriers

Sturdy structures and maximum functionality for the securing of long, heavy and bulky work items

Sturdy structures and maximum functionality for the securing of long, heavy and bulky work items

LogicLine load carriers

Sturdy structures and maximum functionality for the securing of long, heavy and bulky work items

Sturdy structures and maximum functionality for the securing of long, heavy and bulky work items

Load carriers for the secured transport of long items

Flexible transport equipment from LogicLine means you’re ideally equipped to transport long items. There is a suitable TÜV-certified load carrier for every model of flatbed for securing your load in compliance with the law. Whether as a simple ladder carrier or for long, heavy work materials, our racks are sure to meet your horizontal or inclined transport requirements. If necessary, you can use the space on your loading area for other work goods or ensure greater order on your flatbed vehicles with the practical transport boxes from LogicLine.


  • Transport of long items (up to 200 kg)
  • With rear window protection if required
  • Ideal for combining with LogicLine transport boxes
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  • Inclined and/or horizontal long item transport
  • Solid steel structure for safe load support
  • Ideal for combining with LogicLine transport boxes
discover HeckRack


  • Combines FrontRackHeckRack and long item carrier
  • Horizontal long item transport (up to six metres)
  • For heavy loads of up to 250 kg
discover CombiRack


  • Horizontal transport of particularly heavy long items
  • For heavy loads of up to 350 kg
  • Can be combined with LongRack and/or front boom as required
discover PowerRack


  • Ideal complement for PowerRack
  • Protected horizontal transport of heavy long items
  • Stable structure for efficient load securing
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Advantages and characteristics of LogicLine load carriers

With our steel load carriers, you and your long items can make your way safely through traffic. Your transport equipment is made to fit with precision so that you can transport your load safely and reliably.

LogicLine System

The LogicLine system

When buying several items of transport equipment, opt for standardised products. At LogicLine, everything is precisely coordinated and can be flexibly combined.

Lashing points for load securing

Lashing points

Load carriers from LogicLine are equipped with additional lashing points on the base brackets (exception: FrontRack FR-100). These enable a perfect friction fit.

TÜV-certified transport boxes

TÜV-certified load carriers

Play it safe with load carriers from LogicLine. All products are TÜV-certified, so you can travel everywhere in safety.

Accessories for load carriers

Matching accessories for your load carrier

Even more functionality and convenience at work – adapt your load carriers to your requirements with additional accessories.

Compatible with common vehicle brands

Compatible with all vehicle brands

Robust load carriers from LogicLine find a spot on the loading areas of the flatbed vehicles of all popular manufacturers (Citroen, Fiat, Ford, IVECO, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, MAN, Renault and Volkswagen).

Legally compliant load securing with LogicLine load carriers

Legally compliant load securing

Avoid accidents from insufficiently secured long items and comply with the regulations. Load carriers from LogicLine offer a professional transport solution with precise load capacity data.

Compatible with all standard vehicle brands

Your load carriers for the easy and safe transport of long items

LongRack in combination with PowerRack

Are you looking for a ladder carrier or a guard grille for the front wall? Would you like to install not only a simple ladder attachment on your flatbed vehicle, but a structure that also safely carries really heavy and long loads? Or would you prefer a solution that combines a variety of functions and is ideally adapted to your work requirements? Load carriers from LogicLine are multifunctional and can certainly fulfil the requirements for your flatbed vehicles. In terms of their stability, the racks are virtually unsurpassed as they are able to carry up to 350 kg thanks to their galvanised steel structure. Where other ladder carriers for flatbed vehicles aren’t up to the task, load carriers form LogicLine show their special strength.

Carrying heavy loads on the flatbed

Whether inclined or horizontal, heavy and bulky long items can be easily and above all safely transported on your flatbed vehicle with racks from LogicLine. If necessary, you can integrate a front wall grille or a rear window protection for the best possible protection of the cab.

The load carriers with tested lashing points are manufactured to fit your flatbed vehicle precisely and can be installed quickly and easily. Further accessories such as load supports, lashing brackets, load stoppers or scuff guards can also be easily attached to your load carrier. You a then be assured of strong and positive-locking load securing.

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