• Inclined and/or horizontal long item transport
  • Solid steel structure for safe load support
  • Ideal for combining with LogicLine transport boxes
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Advantages of the LogicLine HeckRack


HeckRack in combination with FrontRack and CombiBox

Rear structure for safe transport

Do you want to transport your long items safely and without them slipping? Your long inclined and/or horizontal load takes to the roads safely on top of the solid steel structure of a HeckRack from LogicLine.

Each rack is manufactured to precisely fit the transporter on which it will be used. After placing an order, you will receive a data sheet on which to enter the dimensions of your vehicle. This ensures that the ordered rack fits your flatbed perfectly.

Load carrier FrontRack  and HeckRack in combination with BasicBox

HeckRack HR-200: load carrier over the roof

When used in combination with the FrontRack FR-200 or the FrontRack adapter (for height adjustment), the HeckRack HR-200 is the ideal solution for transporting long items weighing up to 200 kg that extend over the roof. You can supplement the HeckRack HR-200 with an additional load support over the dropside in order to stow bar-shaped and bulky items for transport in an inclined position. 
HeckRack HR-350 fixed on the dropside of the platform vehicle

HeckRack HR-350: support over the dropside

The HeckRack HR-350 is ideally suited for the inclined transport of long items weighing up to 350 kg. It thus functions as a safe support over the dropside of your platform vehicle, which itself is unsuitable for supporting loads. You can remove the cross-members without needing tools.
Load carrier with additional load stopper

The LogicLine system: your transport solution from a single source

The modular system from LogicLine allows almost all products to be combined with each other, so that you get a suitable solution from a single source. You can adapt the transport equipment to suit your personal requirements by selecting from a range of optional equipment (load stopper with locking lever, scuff guards or lashing strap set).
Technical information
placeholder HR-200 HR-350
Max. width of the loading area 2.200 mm 2.200 mm
Max. height of the cab over the loading area 1.500 mm X
Height of the top of the load support X 460 mm
Tested load capacity (inclined loading) 200 kg 350 kg
Empty weight (without accessories) 42 kg 38 kg
Constructed from galvanised shaped steel tube 60/60 60/60
Lashing points for securing the load 400 daN 400 daN
Inclined transport
Delivery largely pre-assembled, incl. installation material and instructions


LogicLine  HeckRack HR-200
LogicLine  HeckRack HR-350


Booklet LogicLine (english) (PDF)

All load carriers are individually manufactured for your vehicle. Provide us with the dimensions of your flatbed vehicle using the data sheet we send you after you place your order. This ensures that the load carrier actually fits your flatbed. You can also download the data sheet right here and start filling it in:

Data sheet for the order (PDF)
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