• Classic tarpaulin structure for your flatbed vehicle
  • Load-bearing frame with weatherproof tarpaulins
  • Easy access options
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Advantages of the LogicLine BasicCover


Tarpaulin structure with additional loading hatch

BasicCover: Load-bearing cover for simple and practical access

The BasicCover from LogicLine provides a suitable tarpaulin structure for flatbed vehicles of all brands. In the HR (high roof) version, the structure is 50 cm higher than the cab. The load-bearing tarpaulin framework enables you to transport long items weighing up to 150 kilograms at an inclined angle, thanks to the loading hatch or loading flap.
BasicCover tarpaulin structure in stone grey

Your colourful, perfectly fitting tarpaulin structure

Select from the standard colours (yellow, orange, blue, green, black, stone grey, light grey or white) or have your BasicCover made in another colour or even with individually printed artwork on request. After placing an order, use the data sheet to send us the dimensions of your transporter including your chosen colour. This will ensure that the tarpaulin structure really does fit your flatbed vehicle.
Tarpaulin structure with additional tarpaulin lift

Possibilities for you requirements

You can select optional extras for your BasicCover from LogicLine to meet your needs. The tarpaulin lift (sprung roller blind) makes it easier for you to access the loading area from the rear of the flatbed vehicle. The rear window protection and plastic window let you see along the length of the flatbed for manoeuvring safety.
Storage of tools in ToolBox combined with RoadBox integrated in blue BasicCover

Combine tarpaulins and boxes to perfection

The modular system from LogicLine creates an effective solution for your loading area. Find the perfect combination of tarpaulins and transport boxes (ToolBox or RoadBox RB-70) for simple access to your protected load. Use the custom-tailored solutions from a single source.
Technical information
placeholder BC-3000 BC-3700 BC-3000 HD BC-3700 HD
Max. Length of the loading area 3.000 mm 3.700 mm 3.000 mm 3.700 mm
Max. width of the loading area 2.200 mm 2.200 mm 2.200 mm 2.200 mm
Height Oberkante Fahrerhaus Top of cab Top of cab +
500 mm
Top of cab +
500 mm
Empty weight at max. length + width (without accessories) 106 kg 118 kg 113 kg 125 kg
Tarpaulin frame made from galvanised steel with planed insertion battens
Side walls inclined at 4°
Inclined tarpaulin frame for better water run-off, 5 roof spars
Rear corners with zig-zag fastening, incl. plastic hooks
Tarpaulins from weatherproof PES according to DIN 60001, mass per unit area 640 g/m2 according to DIN 53 352, burning behaviour < 100 mm/min. according to DIN 75200
Tarpaulin covers (RAL):
  • white (similar to RAL 9016)
  • yellow (similar to RAL 1003)
  • orange (similar to RAL 2011)
  • blue (similar to RAL 5002)
  • green (similar to RAL 6026)
  • stone grey (similar to RAL 7030)
  • light grey (similar to RAL 7035)
  • black (similar to 9005)


BasicCover BC-3000
BasicCover BC-3700
BasicCover BC-3000 with high roof
BC-3000 HD
BasicCover BC-3700 with high roof
BC-3700 HD


Booklet LogicLine (english) (PDF)

All covers are individually manufactured for your vehicle. Provide us with the dimensions of your flatbed vehicle using the data sheet we send you after you place your order. This ensures that the cover actually fits your flatbed. You can also download the data sheet right here and start filling it in:

Data sheet for the order (PDF)
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