• high-quality aluminium roller-shutter doors for convenient opening
  • access from both sides of the vehicle
  • practical & can be individually equipped
  • different versions available
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Advantages of the LogicLine RoadBox


RoadBox between drivers cab and tipper body

RoadBox sizes: for intelligent use of generous storage space

Whether as a storage box on the loading area or between the cab and tipper, the RoadBox and all its different variants is the perfect addition for your flatbed vehicle. With the enormous loading volume of the RoadBox RB-125 and RB-150, there is even a more cost-effective and at the same time flexible alternative to the panel van. Apart from more storage space – as no passageway is required – you’ll also benefit from the crane hoist with these models. That makes the RoadBox mobile, enabling it to be set down precisely at your chosen workplace.
RoadBox integrated in board wall

Easy and convenient access with integration into the dropside

The RoadBox RB-70 offers custom-tailored integration into the dropside or additionally into the tarpaulin. Without having to laboriously open the tarpaulin or fold down the dropside, you can access your tools and equipment from both sides of the vehicle at an ideal working height, thanks to the practical aluminium roller-shutter doors. The functionality of the dropsides is fully retained.

Precision-fit manufacturing is achieved by means of a data sheet at the time of ordering. This version cannot currently be selected in our online shop. We would obviously be very happy to advise you in person – simply contact us on +43 5 0170.

RoadBox transport box for flatbed vehicle with additional pull-out drawer

Fittings specially adapted to your needs

Design the interior of your RoadBox systematically and according to your requirements. With pull-out drawers or drawer containers, you’ll create even more order in your storage box, especially when it comes to the safe and ready-to-hand storage of small parts. You can also use the advantages of the craftsmen’s regulation with the special pull-out drawer for hazardous goods. Tool holders, canister holders or cable holders are further additions for even better organisation of your work materials.
RoadBox with additional quick-fit system

Ideas for more space and flexibility

Would you also like to transport long-handled tools in your RoadBox? You can stow up to eight rakes, shovels, brooms, hoes or other tools with a handle length of up to 160 cm in the integrated storage space, and do so without having to worry about the formation of condensation. The quick-fit system gives your RoadBox (RB-125, RB-150) even more flexibility. You can position your storage box anywhere you like on the loading area, easily and without any tools.
Technical information
placeholder RB-70 M RB-70 L RB-70 XL RB-125 RB-150
External dimensions, without supporting feet (W x H x D in mm) 667 x 1.074 x 1.961 667 x 1.074 x 2.061 667 x 1.074 x 2.161 1.225 x 1.073 x 1.918 1.505 x 1.073 x 1.918
Total volume ca. 1.265 l ca. 1.335 l ca. 1.405 l ca. 2.250 l ca. 2.730 l
Empty weight (without optional accessories) 79 kg 82 kg 86 kg 159 kg 180 kg
Tested max. load 200 kg 200 kg 200 kg 300 kg 300 kg
Bolted frame structure
Top and walls in galvanised steel sheets
Access from both sides of the vehicle High-quality aluminium roller-shutter door; anodised High-quality aluminium roller-shutter door; anodised High-quality aluminium roller-shutter door; anodised High-quality aluminium roller-shutter door on both sides; anodised High-quality aluminium roller-shutter door on both sides; anodised
Twist-lock fastener 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x
Compartment systems with anti-slip floor and stop bar
Storage space for long-handled tools
Lashing points in version without pull-out drawer - - - 250 daN 250 daN
Easy fastening on the loading area


RoadBox RB-70 M
RB-70 M
RoadBox RB-70 L
RB-70 L
RoadBox RB-70 XL
RB-70 XL
RoadBox RB-125
RoadBox RB-150


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