LogicLine solutions for Citroen Jumper
LogicLine solutions for Citroen Jumper

Accessories for Citroën Jumper Flatbed

The Citroën Jumper Flatbed Plus is the perfect utility vehicle for the safe transport of tools and equipment, especially for roofers, plumbers and carpenters. This model was developed through collaboration between Citroën and LogicLine. The Flatbed Plus Solution complements your Citroën Jumper with a transport box on the loading area, an Underslung Toolbox beneath the loading area, and a load carrier at the rear for the horizontal transport of long items.

Alongside the equipment solution in the form of the Flatbed Plus Solution from Citroën, the LogicLine range also includes other high-quality accessories with which you can efficiently design your work procedures and ensure the transportation of secured loads.

Transport boxes, load carriers and tarpaulin structures for your Citroën Jumper Flatbed

Citroen Jumper with LogicLine transport box

Compact transport boxes for the flatbed loading area

The different transport box models from LogicLine are the ideal complement on your Citroën Jumper for keeping your tools and work materials well organised and safely in view.

Transport boxes
for Citroën Jumper

Tarpaulin structure: perfect protection against dirt, sun, rain and wind

You can cover the load on your Citroën Jumper with custom-tailored tarpaulin/bracing hoop structures from LogicLine. Sturdy structures and weatherproof tarpaulins provide the perfect protection.

Covers for Citroën Jumper
Citroen Jumper with LogicLine tarpaulin structure
Citroen Jumper flatbed vehicle with LogicLine load carrier

Custom-tailored load carriers that adapt superbly

Racks from LogicLine also give your Citroën Jumper a load-bearing storage area over the roof or enable you to transport long items inclined. A versatile accessory for your flatbed with lots of extras.

Racks for Citroën Jumper

Your benefits

TÜV-certified system solutions from LogicLine are custom-tailored for your Citroën Jumper. A practical transport option is combined with legally compliant load securing, so you get safely from A to B and everything stays firmly in place.

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