LogicLine solution for Fiat Ducato, Doblo and Fullback
LogicLine solution for Fiat Ducato, Doblo and Fullback

Accessories for Fiat Ducato or Doblo flatbed and Fiat Fullback pickup

Is a structural solution required for the loading area of your Fiat flatbed vehicle or pickup? You’re sure to find the optimal structure in the extensive range from LogicLine. Efficiency and safety for transport and work procedures are included.

Transport boxes, load carriers and tarpaulin structures for your Fiat Ducato and Fiat Doblo flatbed

Fiat Ducato & Doblo with LogicLine transport box

More order with boxes on the Fiat Ducato

All sizes of the various models of LogicLine transport box fit on the loading area of your Fiat Ducato. And the Underslung Toolboxes UB-70 and UB-45 also find a perfect spot beneath the loading area.

Transport boxes
for Fiat Ducato
Underslung Toolbox
for Fiat Ducato

Protective tarpaulin structure for the Fiat Ducato

Tarpaulin structures from LogicLine are manufactured to fit your loading area perfectly. The covers protect the load on your Fiat Ducato in all weathers as well as against dust and dirt. Caution! In order to ensure stability, the factory-fitted rear window protection must be removed to fit the tarpaulin/bracing hoop structure.

Covers for Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato with LogicLine tarpaulin structure
Fiat Ducato flatbed vehicle with LogicLine load carrier

Carry heavy loads on the Fiat Ducato

With custom-tailored load carriers from LogicLine, you can safely transport long and bulky work materials. As your Fiat Ducato already has a factory-fitted rear window protection, long items can be transported horizontally in combination with a HeckRack. This leaves the loading area free for transport boxes, other work materials or bulk goods.

Racks for Fiat Ducato

Equip the Fiat Doblo with transport boxes

Transport boxes from LogicLine are a practical and organised way to equip your Fiat Doblo. Various tools can be safely stowed in the transport box, which can be easily mounted in place. With the individual items, you’ll create the right solution for your work requirements.

Transport boxes
for Fiat Doblo
Transport box CombiBox with storage space XL

Transport solutions for your Fiat Fullback pickup

FIAT Fullback with PickUp System

Complete solution for your Fiat Fullback

The LogicLine PickUp System for your Fiat Fullback is a box-shaped structure that lets you make efficient use of your pickup’s loading area. You create an organised spot for your tools and are well equipped for off-road tasks. If necessary, you can also add a long item carrier with a load capacity of up to 125 kilograms.

PickUp System
for Fiat Fullback

Your benefits

TÜV-certified system solutions from LogicLine are custom-tailored for your Fiat. A practical transport option is combined with legally compliant load securing. So you get safely from A to B and everything stays firmly in place.

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