LogicLine solutions for Nissan Navara
LogicLine solutions for Nissan Navara

Accessories for Nissan Navara pickup

Just as powerful and practical as your Nissan Navara are the smart, TÜV-certified system solutions from LogicLine. With the perfectly matched pickup structure as well as with the transport boxes and load carriers, you create legally compliant load securing on your loading area for a safe journey to your destination.

Transport solutions for your Nissan Navara pickup

Nissan Navara with LogicLine transport box

Nissan Navara practically equipped

The PickUp Box from LogicLine gives you a large load volume for your tools and work materials. With our various accessory options, you’ll find the equipment to suit your needs and ensure you’re legally compliant when heading off road.

PickUp Box for Nissan Navara

Inclined and horizontal transport of long items on the Nissan Navara

PickUp Racks from LogicLine give your long items the support they need while being transport to your place of work and thus make your Nissan Navara really useful off road. You ensure a safe ride with force- and form-fit loading.

Racks for Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara flatbed vehicle with LogicLine load carrier
Nissan Navara with PickUp System

Efficient structure for your Nissan Navara

The PickUp System from LogicLine creates a much easier way to work and access the loading area. The hardtop with integrated side boxes offers you versatile storage space for your tools and equipment, while the matching add-ons also let you safely stow small items and conveniently transport long work materials.

PickUp System
for Nissan Navara

Helpful accessories for the Nissan Navara

Would you also like to transport heavy loads on your pickup loading area? Then the PickUp Heavy Duty Drawer gives you something extra that lets you easily load and unload as well as ensuring force- and form-fit loading. A PickUp SideBox can also give you practical support in your work off road.

Pickup solutions
for Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara L-200 with LogicLine heavy duty drawer

Your benefits

TÜV-certified system solutions from LogicLine are custom-tailored for your Nissan Navara. A practical transport option is combined with legally compliant load securing. So you get safely from A to B and everything stays firmly in place.

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